Wilbert Stolte

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      • Country: Netherlands
      • Region: Caribbean
      • Studies: State representative of the National civil service of the Dutch Caribbean
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    Wilbert Stolte is the State representative of the National civil service of the Dutch Caribbean. Stolte is a Dutch politician. He is the state representative for the Islands Bonaire, St. Eustace and Saba also referred to as the Dutch Caribbean. He achieved university degrees in medicine and law at the Catholic University of Nijmegen. He worked as policy and executive for CDA party in the House of Representatives and in the European Parliament. He was also policy advisor and General Directorate for Taxation affairs; He was Minister of Finance and Head of information for Employers VNO-NCW. In 1994 he became councilor and since 1998 he also became councilor (for urban management, ICT, Scheveningen and sports) in The Hague. During the parliamentary elections of 2006 he was the 52nd eligible candidate. After the various advisory positions that he occupied concerning the constitutional status of Bonaire, St. Eustace and Saba at the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom affairs and after his work as Randstad Envoy for the Ministry of Transport, he was appointed on the 1st of May as the national representative for the Islands for of Bonaire, St. Eustace and Saba as public entities. The State Representative is the administrative link between the government and public entities. This is a new governing body, which has its basis in the WolBES.