About us

  • Drs. Evelin-Pierre Dumfries has a master degree and been a registered interim manager and consultant in the Netherlands for the past 15 years. She is specialized in executive management, gives various workshops and executive training; she also gave speeches concerning politics and civic developments. Mrs. Drs Dumfries is also a lecturer and has several publications on her name. The past few years she has been the person behind many innovative conferences and debates with different renowned speakers. She also organizes business trips. She has an extensive network with private investors and capital providers in The Netherlands and international.

    Samuel E. Dumfries M.Sc. was born on Aruba and obtained his master degree for Environmental Biology with a specialization in Aquatic Ecotoxicology at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He also has a University degree as a grade one Biology teacher for college and universities.

    Samuel Dumfries is a skilled researcher and as scientist he developed the Floating Technique for the university that is being used for the collection of benthic Chydorids who function as bio-indicators for toxic waters and riverbeds. Mr. Dumfries is also Co-author of the scientific article published by the University of Amsterdam in ‘Environmental Pollution’ namely; “Development and application of a sediment toxicity test using the benthic cladoceran Chydorus sphaericus.” Mr. Dumfries is also a facilitator, trainer, senior policy advisor for the department of Nature and Environment and a businessman.

    As a business matchmaker and consultant he is the senior advisor of CAReKINE and reinforces the team of CAReKINE. The focus is on matchmaking: CAReKINE matches businesses and projects with financers and funders. CAReKINE collaborates with capital seekers and capital providers, e.g.: private investors, venture capitalists, commercial banks and development banks.

    In collaboration with the staff of CAReKINE companies are guided during the complicated matchmaking processes. CAReKINE supports and advises on new business ideas and sustains your business during the complicated procedures when you start up initial business.

    Because of his background, Mr. Dumfries stimulates projects concerning sustainable energy and stimulates businesses to mainly invest in creating possibilities for development and stimulating ‘Green Energy’ throughout the world.