Parallel Sessions and workshops

  • The 1st series of parallel sessions are with the guests, the keynote speakers and the government.
    In these parallel sessions guests can get acquainted with the keynote speakers and enhance their knowledge about a country, the possibilities and opportunities to currently invest in these regions or in the nearby future. In these parallel sessions the investors get a chance to inquire about financial support and funding.

    • Aruba
    • Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius
    • Curacao


    2nd Parallel sessions with the Ministry of Foreign affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the banks present.

    Supporting the business community among emerging markets and of those countries in which the Netherlands have a durable trading relationship. In this second series, investors, exporters and importers get acquainted with governmental organizations.

    The main goal of this session is to focus on the support and possibilities to participate in a procurement session.
    During these sessions there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the possibilities and expectations that the Government may have to support trade and investment in the Caribbean. Gateway to the Caribbean.

    Agency NL in the Netherlands: Team International Organizations: Support and visibility procurement for International Organizations in the Caribbean.

    Agency NL EVD International: Facilitating businesses, Governments and research institutions. The agency provides information, advice on finance, networking and legislation.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Responsible for foreign policy of the Kingdom.