Business opportunities

  • Business opportunities in Curacao.

    Since 10-10-10 Curacao has committed itself to strengthen its economic structure, stimulate renewable energy and to invest in education.

    The country of Curacao wants to realize some high ambitions namely:

    •  Expansion of the International Airport of Curacao Hato by implementing the Curacao Airport City Plan.
    • Increasing Cruise tourism by means of the master plan by development of the port and surrounding harbor.
    • Investing in research and focusing on investments for alternative forms of Renewable Energy.
    • Encouraging innovative pilot projects with the aim to strengthen the existing infrastructure.
    • Investment in the oil industry and refinery


    Business opportunities in Aruba.

    The country Aruba is fully committed to be profiled as the country who will ultimately supply sustainable and green energy.

    Aruba is optimally working on investments in the field of renewable energy for both the social sectors and the infrastructure. Aruba wants to be a hub for Latin America and the Caribbean. A potential economic center in the nearby future. Through Aruba’s international network the country will connect the continent of Europe with Latin America.


    Ambitions of Aruba among others are:

    • Construction, renovation and expansion of the existing hospital.
    • Construction and further developments of the Harbor.
    • Renovation, developing an expansion of the roads and infrastructure.
    • Construction of the ‘Living community’.
    • Development and renewing the Waste to Energy Plant.
    • Utilize expertise and innovations to make Aruba a green and sustainable country.